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Zmanda Windows Client Reinstallation Process

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

This reinstall process will preserve the client configuration data but fully remove the original application.

Before doing anything you should first make a note of the amandabackup user's password, and any server hostnames as they will be needed during the reinstall process.

When upgrading Zmanda Windows Client to a newer version it is advised to cleanly remove the old version first.


  • Open the Programs and Features window from the Control Panel
  • Find Zmanda Client for Windows - Desktop Edition and click Uninstall
  • Do you want to uninstall Zmanda Client for Windows - Desktop Edition? [version number] Click Yes
  • Do you want to preserve Zmanda Backup Client configuration? Click Yes

Successfully Uninstalled. Click Finish

If you have not done so already, obtain the latest version of the Zmanda Windows Client from https://network.zmanda.com/.


Note: Install any Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables as needed. (These come with the download package)

  • Run the setup.exe installer package
  • Allow if UAC asks permission to let setup run
  • Agree to the Terms of Service - Click Continue
  • Select Install Directory - Click Continue
  • Enter LOCAL amandabackup password (saved earlier) - Click Continue
  • Enter server names separated by commas [IP/Hostname] - Click Continue
  • At this point we are ready to install - Click Install

The install process takes about 20 seconds or less on a very basic server.