Windows NTFS backup object "include" property

The include property

As of ZWC 3.3.6, the include property can be added to an entry in your “/etc/amanda/<BackupSetName>/disklist.conf” file in the following form:

client-hostname "alias" "path-of-directory-to-backup" {
include "<PATTERN>"

This directs amanda to back up only those files or folders in the backup object matching the PATTERN.

Acceptable Patterns

For Windows NTFS backups, the following requirements exist for include patterns:

  • must be a relative path, not an absolute path
  • ZWC can use the wildcards * (one or more of any characters) or ? (one of any characters) for file name globbing
  • backslashes “\” between folder names must be escaped, as “\\“
  • multiple patterns can be appended to a single include property

Here are some working examples for an object that is backing up “C:\“

Pattern Effect
include "Program Files\\java" backup the "C:\Program Files\java" directory
include "*.doc" "*.pdf" "*.txt" backup DOC, PDF, and TXT files from all folders under "C:\"
include "Test\\*.xlsx" backup XLSX files from any folder named "Test" in all of "C:\"

Here are some erroneous include patterns:

Pattern Error
include "C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure" this is an absolute path
include "Program Files\Common Files" the backslash “\” has not been escaped
include "./Program Files"

include ".\\Program Files"
the “./” and “.\\” patterns are not valid