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Windows Client: return error code 260

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE) 

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<client host name> "C:/" lev 0 FAILED [return error code 260]

This message appears in the Amanda Enterprise Report Summary and the backup notification email.

Troubleshooting Tips

This error code returned by the Zmanda Windows Client (ZWC) indicates that an excessive amount of files failed to be backed up. By default, ZWC fails the backup if more than 100 files fail to back up or if the backup contains less than 100 files of which half fail to back up.

If the ZWC Service is running as a "domain-wide amandabackup" user, the user may not have the correct permissions which will be evident by the lack of current logging in the Debug folder.  Please see How to create and use amandabackup domain user for more information.

Another reason this can occur is because the snapshot of the volume being backed up could not be created. To check if the snapshot was successfully created, search for the most recent log entry matching "zwcCreateSnapshot" in the ZWC log file, <ZWC installation directory>\Debug\LogFile, by default,

C:\Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Client for Windows\Debug\LogFile.txt

If you do not find such lines in this file, search for it in one of the older, rotated logs beginning with the most recent and highest numbered LogFile#.txt file and working backward to the least recent LogFile1.txt file. If near the most recent match for "zwcCreateSnapshot" is:

  • CZWCJobHandler: Failed to create the snapshot
    This indicates that the snapshot creation is failed. Please reference the code and other information in the log file regarding the failure to create the snapshot to determine the reason for the failure.  It is also useful to check the Application Event logs for VSS errors.
  • CZWCJobHandler: zwcSnapCreateSnapshot 0
    This shows that the snapshot was successfully created. Getting error 260 in this case is likely that too many files failed to back up even though the snapshot is succeeded.

    The log file BackupErrors_DLEName_level.txt in the same Debug directory contains more information on backup failures.

    If it is determined that the 100 failed file count is too restrictive, it can be changed by editing the following registry key.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SOFTWARE => Zmanda => ZWC => 1.0 => ENGINE => FailedFileCount

If you need further help, please contact Zmanda Support team and please include logs from the Zmanda Windows Client and Amanda server.

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