When the Amanda server's hostname or IP address changes

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

If the hostname or the relevant IP address(es) of the Amanda server changes, some configurations must be updated on Amanda clients with the Amanda server's new hostname or IP address in order for backups and restores to continue functioning.

  • Update the .amandahosts file on Amanda Linux, Mac, and Solaris clients. This file is located in the amandabackup user's home directory. For example, on Linux and Mac:/var/lib/amanda/.amandahostsOn Solaris:/opt/zmanda/amanda/amanda/.amandahosts
  • Also update the amanda-client.conf file for restores. On Linux and Mac:/etc/amanda/amanda-client.confOn Solaris:/opt/zmanda/amanda/etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf
  • If the Linux, Mac, or Solaris client is being backed up with auth ssh, update the authorized_keys file in the amandabackup user's .ssh directory. On Linux and Mac:/var/lib/amanda/.ssh/authorized_keysOn Solaris:/opt/zmanda/amanda/amanda/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • For Zmanda Windows Clients, update the Server List using the ZWC Config UtilityStart → All Programs → Zmanda → Zmanda Client for Windows → ZWC Config Utility → Server tab
  • On Linux clients, update /etc/xinetd.d/amandaclient if the only_from parameter is set.
  • On Linux clients where the xinetd daemon is using the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny configuration files, update them.
  • Update any firewall between Amanda server and the client.