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What Should Be Done When Mysql Server is Being Upgraded to Newer Version?

This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM)

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When MySQL server version is being upgraded (or downgraded),

  1. It is a good idea to do a full backup of the databases/tables before the upgrade.
  2. Check whether the MySQL client version installed on the ZRM server is compatible with new MySQL server version. 
  3. If the MySQL server parameters are changed such as MySQL server port, MySQL backup user or password, the backup set configuration should be updated.
  4. After the upgrade, please check for any configuration errors (Visit Backup|Summary page for the backup set) in the backup set that is configured to backup the MySQL server.
  5. Check database/table consistency after the upgrade before doing a full backup of the backup set. Use mysqlcheck, MySQL client program to do table consistency checks.