Upgrading ZMC to version 5.1

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for seamlessly upgrading Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) to the latest 5.1 version.

Upgrade Paths: 

Based on your current Zmanda version, you will need to follow the appropriate upgrade path provided below to upgrade to 5.1. You can experience all-new features and enhancements with Zmanda 5.1.

Current Release

Upgrade Path → → 5.1.0.X → 5.1.0.X (with patch) (with patch) → 5.1.0.X (without patch) (without patch) → 5.1.0.X


3.6 → 5.1.0.X

Fresh install


Upgrading ZMC (Zmanda Management Console) and backup server from version 4.x/5.0 to 5.1 

For users upgrading from version 5.0, whether you have applied a patch or not, it's crucial to follow this document to avoid errors during the upgrade process.

Step 1. Uninstall the 4.x/5.0 backup server and ZMC binaries using the following commands,

  1. RPM-based: #yum remove zmanda-platform-shared

  2. Debian-based: For Debian-based systems, run the bash script attached in this article to preserve configuration files, and then uninstall using the command:  #apt remove zmanda-platform-shared

Step 2. Copy 5.1 ZMC and backup server binaries to the respective servers and give executable permissions.

#chmod +x zmanda-backup-server-
#chmod +x zmanda-zmc-

Step 3. Install the 5.1 ZMC and backup server binaries by running them with superuser permissions.


Step 4. Upload 5.1 license on ZMC to start using ZMC 5.1

Note :

  1. It is mandatory to upgrade both backup server and ZMC.

  2. Execute the below command before uninstalling 4.x if you migrated from 3.6 to 4.x earlier.  

    # rm -rf /etc/amanda~1 /etc/amanda.prev

Additional Steps for Users Upgrading from Version 5.0

Important: Post-upgrade, the backup set schedule should be deactivated and reactivated to ensure the scheduled backups are triggered properly.

  1. Deactivate backup set schedule:
    • Access the ZMC administration panel.
    • Navigate to the 'Backup Sets' section.
    • Select the relevant backup set and click on 'Deactivate'.
      image (1)-1
  2. Reactivate backup set schedule:
    • Remain in the 'Backup Sets' section.
    • Select the deactivated backup set and click on 'Activate'.

Migration from 3.6 to 5.1

For detailed instructions on migrating from version 3.6 to 5.1, please refer to the documentation.

Fresh install - 5.1 [ ZMC and backup server ]

For detailed instructions on installing version 5.1, please refer to the Installation Guide.