Updating your AWS Keys

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Sometimes it may become necessary to update your Amazon Web Services S3 keys. This can be done several ways, depending on the circumstances. You will want to update this information when no backups are running.

  • Warning! This can cause Amanda Enterprise to no longer see any of the prior backup data, depending on your situation.

The first method is the easiest, but only updates the Secret key. You can simply navigate to Admin | Device and update the Secret Key.

The next method involves editing a configuration file. This method is used if you are keeping the same account and IAM user but need to update the Access Key and the Secret Key.

Navigate to the following file location:


Open the file and locate the following entries:


Update these locations with your new keys. After this is done, open the Zmanda Management Console, and go to Admin | Device. Select the correct device name, click "Edit", and when the dialogue pops up click "Update". This will edit the Device with the new information.

The final method works if you have a new AWS account or IAM user. First create a new device under Admin | Devices with the new AWS information. After this, go to Admin | Backup Set, select the correct backup set, click "Duplicate", and give it a new name. After this make sure you are working with the new backup set, navigate to Backup | Where and add the new AWS device to the backup.