Unable to find DLE backup history. Can not continue.

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE) v. 3.1.5

Issue Symptoms

Affected systems:

Amanda servers running Amanda Enterprise 3.1.x

Restore scenario:On the ZMC Restore|what page, when a backup date older than Today (the most recent backup) is chosen, and the "Explore & Select" button is clicked.

Error Message:

Unable to find DLE backup history. Can not continue. Please provide additional information about this DLE in the form below.

Issue Description

This could be due to one of two reasons:

  1. The backup history for the information entered truly does not exist. Possibly the date entered is outside the retention period covered by the backup set. Possibly the hostname and directory specified is not backed up by the backup set as entered; Please use the Edit buttons to select hostname and directory.
  2. The default timezone is not set correctly for Zmanda Management Console. It is defaulting to UTC and is unable to find the correct backup image.


For changing timezone in AE 3.1:

If the backup information entered is correct and the date specified is within the retention period covered by the backup set, likely the timezone used by ZMC needs to be changed to the timezone of where the backup server is located using the following steps:

  1. Make sure that both zmc.php files below are present:


    Note: If /etc/zmanda/zmc_ags/zmc.php is not present, just navigate to the Admin|devices page, and click "Tape Changer Device" (as if creating a new device). The ZMC will automatically create the missing zmc.php file (you can safely ignore if you receive an error message on this page).
  2. Login to the ZMC and navigate to the Admin|preferences page.
  3. On the "Advanced Admin Tasks" area, "Command or File Name" field, copy and paste the following line and click "Apply":
     /opt/zmanda/amanda/perl/bin/perl -i.bak -ape 's#^...return array.*#<? return array ("timezone" => "America/Los_Angeles",#' /etc/zmanda/*/zmc.php
    Note: The "America/Los_Angeles" timezone on step 3, should be replaced by your local timezone. A timezone chart such as this one can help you determine the correct timezone string for your locale.