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Syncing server with NTP for cloud storage configuration

Problem: Error encountered while creating cloud storage or configuring the Backup Where section for a backup set with cloud storage.

Cause: The server is not in sync with NTP (Network Time Protocol).

Solution: To synchronize the server with NTP, follow these steps:

1. Restart the NTP service by executing the following command:

service ntpd restart

2. Restart the Chrony service by executing the following command:

service chronyd restart

3. Restart the NTP service using systemctl:

systemctl restart ntpd.service

4. Run the command timedatectl and verify if the server is now in sync with NTP.


More information: Ensure that the server is successfully synchronized with NTP before completing the backup set configuration. This synchronization is crucial for error-free backup operations involving cloud storage.

By following these steps to sync your server with NTP, you'll resolve errors related to cloud storage configuration and ensure smooth backup operations.