Shutting Down ZMC Completely and Cleanly

This article is for all versions of Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Sometimes the ZMC service, which provides the Zmanda Management Console accessed by your web browser, needs to be restarted completely to resolve an issue. If you are getting errors trying to restart it, please try the following steps to first stop the service completely. Run commands as the root user.

  1. Stop the service using its init script.service zmc_aee stop
  2. Verify that all ZMC processes have stopped.pgrep -l -f /opt/zmanda/amandaIf processes are still found running, stop them: e.g., with the kill command. If mysqld.bin is one of the processes, please use the following procedure to stop it:source /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/ zmc_mysql_stop
  3. Delete stale PID and SOCK files.find /opt/zmanda -name "*.pid" ; find /opt/zmanda -name "*.sock"If the above command finds any files, remove them.
  4. Start the ZMC service again.service zmc_aee start