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Restore to Windows Share Using the Zmanda Windows Client Fails

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE) v. 3.3

Error Message

ZMC displays following error message when backups are restored to Destination Locations of type "Windows Network Share":

Invalid restore information. Make sure that restore path exists and amandabackup user has permissions.

Error Description

Zmanda Windows Client runs as amandabackup user. It does not have permissions to write to the Windows Network Share.


The amandabackup user has to have following permissions on destination location on the Windows client.

  • Modify or Full Control (i.e. write) Security permissions.
  • Full Control or Change Share permissions (if the Destination Location is Windows Network Share).

Use the following procedure to check and change permissions:

  1. In Windows Explorer locate folder where you are restoring data to (Destination Location).
  2. Right click on the backup destination folder and select properties.
  3. Select "Sharing" Tab and click "Share..." or "Advanced Sharing..." button.
  4. Make sure that amandabackup user has "Read/Write" permissions.
  5. Sometimes, you may see that "Everyone" system group is given "Read/Write" permissions on the Share. This setting is good enough, since amandabackup user is part of "Everyone" system group.
  6. Select "Security" Tab of backup destination folder properties window, which reflects folder's NTFS permissions.
  7. Make sure that amandabackup user has Modify or Full control permissions.