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Restarting Zmanda Linux Client Services

In some rare cases, when there are recurrent connection problems with the server, the client services can go into a stale state. This can cause the backups to fail with a connection reset error.

This article is for the 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 versions. 


The connection between the Zmanda server and the client is controlled through two services.


These two services are listening on ports 10080 and 10081 respectively.

You can view the services by checking their status using 'systemctl' command.

systemctl list-sockets | grep amanda

If the services are not active, you will get connectivity errors while doing a host check from the server or during the backups.

The error messages would be similar to the one shown below. 

Xrecv: connection reset by peer

To restart the client services, run the following commands as the root user.

systemctl restart __sub-amanda-client.socket
systemctl restart __sub-amanda-zmrecover.socket