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Recover Your Scheduled Backups After Disaster Recovery Activation


After performing a Disaster Recovery (DR) restore, the scheduled backups don't seem to be functioning as intended.


This is due to the __sub-zmc-ui-beat.service being in an always activating state. This service is responsible for managing scheduled backups. However, after a DR restore, entries in the django_celery_beat_periodictask table may interfere with its proper functioning, causing it to remain in an activating state.


  • This issue specifically affects situations where a DR restore has been performed.

  • It is recommended to perform a backup of the ZMC database before running any database commands.

  • Run the command with elevated privileges.

Step 1: Clear the django_celery_beat_periodictask table:

  • To access the ZMC database using the MySQL Command Line Interface (CLI), run the following command:

opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/mysql ZMC
  • Delete all entries from the django_celery_beat_periodictask table using the following command:

    DELETE FROM django_celery_beat_periodictask;
  • Exit the MySQL command line utility.

Step 2: Restart the __sub-zmc-ui-beat.service:

  • Execute the following command to restart the service:

systemctl restart __sub-zmc-ui-beat.service

This process will clear the conflicting entries from the table and allow the __sub-zmc-ui-beat.service to start correctly. Consequently, your schedule backups will resume their normal operation.

If you are unsure about performing these steps, it is always advisable to contact Zmanda support for assistance.