Not Enough Holding Disk Space

This article helps you resolve the "Not Enough Holding Disk Space" error

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE).

Issue Symptoms

FAILURE DUMP SUMMARY: "C:/" lev 1 FAILED [Not enough holding disk space]

Issue Description

Amanda uses multi-streaming (run several backup server threads simultaneously, default 4) for faster backups. Parallel dumps use holding disk as a temporary storage for data streaming. You may get the above error, if the holding disk does not have enough space and Amanda is streaming too much data into the holding disk (Staging area), re-trying the smallest dump when it runs out of space.


You can work around this either by allocating more space to the Staging Area (Backup Staging) or reducing the Parallel Backups value (Default value = 4) somewhat on the Backup How page. Amanda recommends the size of the holding disk to be equal to the size of media for a backup run.