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Mydumper: /usr/bin/myloader: Symbol Lookup Error: /usr/bin/myloader: Undefined Symbol: Gzopen64

This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM)

Issue Symptoms

When doing a Table level restore of backups done using parallel logical backup option (MyDumper), the following error message is displayed:

/usr/bin/myloader: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/myloader: undefined symbol: gzopen64

- ERROR: Restore from logical backup using myloader failed

- ERROR: Restore failed - ERROR: Restore failed This error message is seen with MyDumper 0.5.2

Issue Description

This issue is only with Ubuntu 32 bit machine with libz 1.2.3 version.


Please use libz 1.2.8 or higher version. Install the new libz and link it to /opt/zmanda/zrm/common/lib/libz.so.1

Create a symbolic link from libz.so.1.2.8 installed on the system to /opt/zmanda/zrm/common/lib/libz.so.1