MSSQL Backup Failure - Troubleshooting

In scenarios where MSSQL Backups fail, please go through the troubleshooting and validations captured in this KB

MSSQL Backups fail

Validate the pre-requisites specified below and then trigger the backup again.
  • The instance name of the SQL server should be “MSSQLSERVER“
  • The new login should be created for “amandabackup” user on the SQL server
  • make sure that ,during adding new login for “amandabackup” , let it be “windows authentication“ and not “SQL server authentication“
  • The amandabackup user must be given with “sysadmin“ role.
  • If backups fails sometimes with error ''failed to set shm ring“ , then it is due to microsoft Volume shadow copy writer on client which might have stopped. Start the VSS writer and try backup again