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Backup Stuck in “In Progress”

Monitor page shows backup status as “In Progress” even though the backup is either completed or failed.

This article is for Zmanda Enterprise version 4.1


This issue can be verified in three steps:

  1. You will find new backups from the same backup set getting completed.

  2. Trying to abort the backup will result in the following error

  3. No backend process for the corresponding backup set and date is active.
    This can be verified using the following command
     # ps -ef | grep "/usr/sbin/amdump --exact-match Cloud2" 


The backup status can be updated by modifying the monitor tables in the ZMC database:

  1. Connect to the database
    # /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/mysql
  2. Select the ZMC database
    MariaDB [(none)]> use ZMC;
  3.  Run the following query to find all the backups stuck in In-Progress 
    SELECT backupset_name,backuprun_id,runtype,datetime,status,completed FROM monitor_backuprunsummary INNER JOIN backupsets_backupset ON backupsets_backupset.backupset_id = monitor_backuprunsummary.backupset_id WHERE status='In-Progress';

    A similar output will be displayed

  4.  Update the monitor table rows for the backurun_id you obtained in step 3 using the following queries 

    UPDATE monitor_backuprunsummary SET status='Failed', completed=1 WHERE backuprun_id=28;
    UPDATE monitor_backuprundlestate SET status='Completed' WHERE backuprun_id=28;