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Migrating ZRM older than 3.7 and ZMC 3.1.5 to ZRM 3.8 and ZMC 3.3.9

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE) This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM)


The first thing we want to do is verify there are no backups running for ZRM or ZMC, and then we can stop each of their services.

# for s in zmc_zrm zmc_aee; do service $s stop; done

Back up your original Amanda Enterprise configuration for safe keeping.

# /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/zm-support -a

This next step is very important for the ZRM side of things to back up your site specific backup configurations.

# mkdir /etc/mysql-zrm/backup; cp /etc/mysql-zrm/mysql-zrm.conf* /etc/mysql-zrm/backup/

Uninstall ZRM while preserving configurations.

# /opt/zmanda/zrm/uninstall

Choose yes to keep console data and log files.

Uninstall Amanda Enterprise.

# /opt/zmanda/amanda/uninstall

When prompted to preserve configurations say no.

*If wanting to retain configuration and backup set from 3.1.5 for possible command line restore at a later date, move the files. Otherwise, skip this step.

# mv /etc/amanda /etc/amanda-3.1; mv /etc/zmanda /etc/zmanda-3.1

Clean up any leftover files from Amanda Enterprise.

# rm -Rf /opt/zmanda/amanda

Install Zmanda Recovery Manager

# chmod +x ZRM-enterprise-3.8-installer-linux.run; ./ZRM-enterprise-3.8-installer-linux.run

Once ZRM is installed, merge the mysql-zrm.conf from /etc/mysql-zrm/backup with the one at /etc/mysql-zrm/mysql-zrm.conf.

Login to your ZRM instance to verify your backup methods are correct. If not, please modify the backup methods to be correct.

Note: if you are performing a table level restore of backups from previous versions of ZRM you will need to run the following command as mysql user on the ZRM server:

$/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-parse-sql --source-directory <backup image directory> --update-table-list

Install Amanda Enterprise

Change permissions on /etc/zmanda.

# chmod 777 /etc/zmanda

Change permissions on configuration files.

# chmod 755 /etc/zmanda/*.cnf

Download ZMC 3.3.9 apply execute bit install additional dependencies (if necessary) and install.

# chmod +x amanda-enterprise-3.3.9-linux.run; yum install openldap24-libs cyrus-sasl-lib y; ./amanda-enterprise-3.3.9-linux.run

Change Permissions on the newly installed configuration files.

# chmod 755 /etc/zmanda/*.cnf

If you want to recreate your backup set from 3.1.5 for use in 3.3.9 please download the following python script (https://carbonite.azureedge.net/images/Files/zmanda-files/disklist_migration_315_to_333) and run it using the following script usage and included example:

Usage: disklist_migration_315_to_333 <source_file> <target_file> [-s new_backup_set_name]

Example: disklist_migration_315_to_333 /etc/amanda-3.1/DailySet1/disklist.conf /etc/amanda/NewDailySet/disklist.conf -s NewDailySet

Once this is complete we need to restart the services in a specific order.

# service zmc_aee stop
# service zmc_zrm stop
# service zmc_zrm start
# service zmc_aee start

Login and verify your backup sets are correct, if not please modify them accordingly.

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