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Installing Amanda Enterprise on Scientific Linux 6.2

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE) 

Link to more info: http://docs.zmanda.com/

Amanda Enterprise 3.3 works on Scientific Linux 6.2 (32bit and 64bit version). The instructions for installation and configuration of Amanda Enterprise 3.3 on Scientific Linux is similar to Redhat/CentOS Linux distribution.

System packages that are required

xinetd, glib2, libcurl, readline, libidn, libgcc, libstdc++

If you are installing on 64bit platform, 32bit version of packages are required.  Use yum to install these packages. For example: On 64bit platform, following yum command should be used.

# yum install xinetd glib2.i686, libcurl.i686 readline.i686 libidn.i686 libgcc.i686 libstdc++.i686

Server installation

  1. Disable SELinux during installation in /etc/sysconfig/selinux file
  2. Disable firewall if it is using being used (service iptables stop)
  3. Run Amanda Enterprise server installer
  4. Install Amanda Enterprise license as /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license on the Amanda server

After installation, you can access ZMC using a browser.

Client installation

Amanda client packages can be installed on Scientific Linux distribution using the rpm command.