How to Troubleshoot Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) Service Startup Failures on Ubuntu 20.04

This article explains how to address ZMC service startup issues on Ubuntu 20.04 machines, ensuring the smooth operation of your backup processes.

Issue Description:

The ZMC services on Ubuntu 20.04 machines may not start after stopping and restarting the zmanda-zmc service.

Also, on certain Ubuntu 20.04 machines, manual restarts of services were found to be ineffective.


The ZMC services have a dependency on each other. Restarting them manually in a particular order will ensure that all of these services start up successfully.

  1. Restart the zmc-vault service.

    systemctl restart __sub-zmc-vault.service
  2. Next up, start the zmc-rest service.

    systemctl restart __sub-zmc-rest.service

Note: Performing these steps will restart the remaining services on their own.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)All the ZMC services will now be active and running correctly.