How to Suppress Strange Lines From Reports?

This article explains you how to suppress strange lines from the reports.

This article is for Amanda Enterprise Edition (AE)

Info Description

At times, reports can fill up with a long list of unwanted messages that can overwhelm the ZMC database. To suppress such unwanted lines, follow these steps:

In the application-tool section of the /etc/zmanda/aee4/zmc_user_dumptypes" file, add the unwanted messages:

The section in question should look like this when you are done:

define application-tool "app_amgtar_user" {

property append "ignore" "No such file or directory$"

property append "ignore" "file changed as we read it$"

property append "ignore" "socket ignored$"

# property "N0-UNQU0TE" "yes" " # Allow backslashes (and certain other characters) in
filenames. Requires tar 1.16+. }

The above definition will ignore the unwanted messages in the reports, such as "No such file or directory" The $ character denotes the end of a string to match. Matching is done via POSIX Extended Regular Expression syntax.