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How to restore a Windows backup to the Zmanda Backup server

Since the Zmanda Backup server is hosted on Linux platform, a few extra steps are required to restore Windows backups to the backup server.

This article is applicable for versions 4.x and above

Steps to restore

  1. Go the the Restore page and select the Backupset which you want to restore from.
  2. After selecting the date and source, choose the option "Restore All". (selective restore will not work while restoring Windows backups to a Linux system)

  3. In the Restore Where page, choose the "Destination Type" as "Destination Directory" and enter the IP address/hostname of the backup server and the path where you want to restore to

  4. Set the options for file and directory conflicts in the "Restore How" page and proceed to the "Restore Now" page
  5. Once you reach the "Restore Now page", login to the command line terminal of the backup server and switch to the "amandabackup" user.
    su amandabackup
  6. Navigate to the directory "/etc/amanda4/<backupset>/jobs/saved/" where you will find the "Restore-default.yml" file. (Replace <backupset> with the name of your actual backupset)
    cd /etc/amanda4/<backupset>/jobs/saved/
  7. Edit the "Restore-default.yml" and change the parameter "login_user" from "amandabackup" to "root". You can either do this manually using any text editor or run the following command.
    sed -i 's/amandabackup/root/g' Restore-default.yml
  8. After saving the file, go back to ZMC and start the restore from the "Restore Now" page.
  9. Once the restore is complete, go to the destination directory and check if all the files are restored. 
  10. If you see a single Zip file, instead of the actual backup files, you can use the unzip command to extract the actual backup data.
    unzip zmc_restore_20230508124541.0.0