How to Remove Licenses From Your Zmanda Endpoint Backup Subscription

If your license requirements change after making a purchase, you can add or remove them from your subscription. The subscription quantity will be updated during your next billing cycle.

If you removed your licenses, you can use all the licenses until the next billing cycle.

Remove Licenses from Zmanda Endpoint Backup Subscription

Step 1. Log in to the Zmanda Sentinel.

Step 2. Navigate to the Products from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Click on the 3 dots next to the subscription you wish to alter and select Remove license from the menu.

Step 4. In the Remove license frame, add the number of licenses you want to remove and check the checkbox next to “Are you sure you want to remove the license?“

Step 5. Click on the Remove license button to confirm the operation.

You will see a confirmation message saying the licenses are removed from your subscription. 

The licenses will be removed during your next billing cycle.

Remove Scheduled Changes

If there is a sudden change of requirement and you wish to keep the licenses after removing them. You can remove scheduled changes before your billing cycle ends.

Step 1. Click on the information icon next to the subscription that was altered

Step 2. Click on the Remove scheduled changes button.

Step 3. Check the checkbox next to “Are you sure you want to remove the scheduled subscription changes“ and then click on the Remove scheduled changes button to confirm it. 

Step 4. Once the scheduled changes are removed, you will see the confirmation about the same on your screen.