How to Migrate from Amanda Enterprise 3.1.x to 3.3.x

The migration from Amanda Enterprise 3.1.x to 3.3.x is explained

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE).

Many improvements and fixes are featured in Amanda Enterprise 3.3.x, although these changes result in backup set configurations from 3.1.x not being compatible with the 3.3 series.

Ideally, migration is performed from one system to another where the first system continues to run 3.1 while backup devices and sets are configured and begin performing backups on a second system running 3.3. The 3.1 system is maintained until the 3.3 system has sufficient data retention. The 3.1 system can then be retired. Please see the section "Recreate Backup Sets in Amanda Enterprise 3.3.x" below for a script to migrate your client lists on the 3.1 servers to a 3.3 format that can be placed on the 3.3 servers.

In the case that you must move from 3.1 to 3.3 on the same system, the following instructions and tools will help make your migration as seamless as possible.

Upgrading to Amanda Enterprise 3.3.x on the same system currently running 3.1.x:

Before upgrading, please back up your original configuration data. This can be accomplished easily by running the zm-support tool as the root user. This generates an archive with all your settings, which you can send to Zmanda Support if you need assistance with migration. Change into a directory where you want to save the archive and then run the below as the root user:

# /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/zm-support -a

To install AE 3.3 on the same system that is running AE 3.1, you will need to make sure AE 3.1 is first uninstalled from your backup server. You can uninstall AE 3.1 by running the uninstaller as the root user:

# /opt/zmanda/amanda/uninstall

The uninstaller will ask if you want to keep information about your backups. You can answer "no" to this question. Once AE 3.1 is uninstalled, the existing 3.1 backup sets and ZMC configuration files may be moved to a new location to be retained for possible command line restore in 3.3. For example:

# mv /etc/amanda /etc/amanda-3.1
# mv /etc/zmanda /etc/zmanda-3.1

Clean up any left-over files from the original AE 3.1 installation:

# rm -Rf /opt/zmanda/amanda

If you do not have ZRM for MySQL installed on the same server running Amanda Enterprise, you can remove the entire /opt/zmanda directory:

# rm -Rf /opt/zmanda

Install Amanda Enterprise 3.3.x

You can now install AE 3.3. Instructions for downloading and installing AE 3.3 can be found in our documentation.

Solaris Servers

In AE 3.3.x, based on the feedback of Solaris administrators, AE has moved its files out of system directories and into its own application directory beneath
/opt/zmanda. For example:

  • /etc/amanda has moved to /opt/zmanda/amanda/etc
  • /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license license file will now be installed in /opt/zmanda/amanda/etc/zmanda/zmanda_license

Recreate Backup Sets in Amanda Enterprise 3.3.x

You will need to recreate your backup sets in AE 3.3.x, although a Python script is available to convert the disklist entries from 3.1.x to the new 3.3.x format. Please first download the disklist_migration_315_to_333 script to your 3.3 server and then reference below for script usage and an example: 

Usage: disklist_migration_315_to_333 <source_file> <target_file>  
[-s new_backup_set_name]

Example: disklist_migration_315_to_333 /legacy/etc/amanda/DailySet1/disklist.conf
/etc/amanda/NewDailySet/disklist.conf -s NewDailySet