How to Fill Details in CSV to Add Multiple Users

You can add multiple users on Zmanda Sentinel at once by filling in a CSV file with the required details. This guide shows how to fill in the available CSV template correctly.

Step 1. Login to the Zmanda Sentinel and go to Users under Organization Management from the left-side panel.

Step 2. Click Add multiple users.

Step 3. When Add multiple users frame opens, click the .csv template to download it.

Step 4. Now, open the downloaded CSV template. It has five different columns to add user details.

CSV template | Rebit SMB 2.3

FirstName: Add the first name of the user. It can be in string form, for example, John.

LastName: Add the last name of the user. It can be in string form, for example, Pereira.

Email: Add the email id associated with the user. This should be in standard email format, for example,

RoleIds: Specify the role that the user will take within the organization. The roles can be owner, IT administrator, finance administrator, and end user. Here, the owner stands for 1, IT administrator for 2, finance administrator for 3, and end user for 4.

If a user has two roles, owner and finance administrator, the value should be 1;3. A semi-colon should separate the values added in this column. If the user takes up one role, you can assign that role's number alone, for example, 1.

SubscriptionPlan: Add the subscription plan you want to assign to the user. If you have a 250 GB Endpoint monthly subscription, you can add 250GB-M to that field. Here, M stands for monthly subscription. However, if it is a yearly subscription, the value in that column will be 250GB-Y. Check out the values for all the subscriptions from the below table.


Value in SubscriptionPlan Column

250 GB Endpoint Monthly


250 GB Endpoint Yearly


500 GB Endpoint Monthly


500 GB Endpoint Yearly


1000 GB Endpoint Monthly


1000 GB Endpoint Yearly


f you keep the SubscriptionPlan column empty, the user will be added without any license.

Step 5. You need to fill in the details for each user in the downloaded CSV template. All the columns, except LastName and SubscriptionPlan are compulsory. And each row should have valid entries. If any of the rows have invalid entries, users will not be added while processing the uploaded CSV file.

Also, make sure you only assign the available licenses. You can check the license count before filling out the CSV file. If the license is unavailable and is still assigned to a particular user, the user will be added without any license.

Note: 100 entries can be added at once in the CSV file.

CSV file with data | Rebit SMB 2.3

Step 6. Once the details are added, save the file.

The CSV file is now ready to be uploaded and processed. You can now proceed to add multiple users. Check out our detailed guide on How to Add Multiple Users at Once to Zmanda Endpoint Backup to add 100 users simultaneously.