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How to back up network mapped drives on Windows clients

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

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ZMC supports backing up mapped drives on a Windows client provided that the drives have been mapped as user amandabackup. Zmanda Windows Client supports both Windows and SMB shares mapped as drives on a Windows machine.


  1. On the Windows host where the share exists, make sure that amandabackup user exists and has the same password as the amandabackup user on the ZWC client.
  2. The amandabackup user needs to have read-write permissions on the shared folder that will be mapped.


Perform the following steps on the Windows client to map the shared folder to be backed up.

  1. Login as user amandabackup
  2. Map the network drive to a drive letter. Ensure that the option Reconnect at logon is enabled.
  3. Logout user amandabackup

You should now be ready to backup the mapped drive.

Note: Backup of NTFS encrypted files on mapped drives will fail with access denied error.