How to Archive Zmanda Pro Storage Vaults to Tape

The portability of Zmanda Pro storage vaults allows them to be manually copied to tape, providing an additional way to secure your data.


NOTE: This workflow requires that you manage your tapes manually. Zmanda Pro doesn't provide capabilities for loading, unloading, labeling, reading from, writing to,  or any other operation to tape. 


  1. A device with the Zmanda Pro agent installed
  2. Disk-based storage vault attached to a system with access to the tape device
  3. Protected item (any type)

Steps to Backup

  1. Configure the protected item to backup to the disk-based storage vault
  2. Run a backup
  3. Tar the file and stream it directly to your tape device using tar -cvf /dev/tape-device-name /path/to/storage/vault
  4. Make note of the tape label and perform any other tape management tasks as desired (unloading, ejecting, associating label with contents, etc.)

Steps to Restore

  1. Load the tape into the drive
  2. Navigate to the location in the filesystem where you want to recover the storage vault
  3. Recover the storage vault from the tape using the command tar -xvf /dev/tape-device-name
  4. The easiest way* to restore data from the storage vault at this point is to copy the storage vault contents to the SAME path specified in the storage vault configuration.
  5. Perform the restore using the Zmanda Pro Web console or client

*For more information contact