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How to add or modify dumptype parameters?

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Info Type: Tip

Note: This procedure should be used only when Zmanda support team provides instructions to do so.

If users want to add dumptype parameters that are not supported by ZMC but supported by Amanda, they can do so by editing the configuration file /etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_aee/zmc_user_dumptypes on the Amanda server.

Each backup type supported by ZMC has a specific dumptype section that can be modified.  ZMC will preserve modifications made to this file and the backup set can be used with ZMC. These modifications will also be preserved across future software upgrades.

For example; To add maxpromoteday parameter to all Linux filesystems in all backup sets, add the following to zmc_nixglobal_base dumptype:# All ZMC non-Windows DLEs inherit from this dumptype:
define dumptype zmc_nixglobal_base {
# adding things here will affect all non-Windows ZMC DLEs
maxpromoteday 0

The server configuration file /etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_aee/zmc_dumptypes should not be modified under any circumstances.

The zmc_user_dumptypes file has extensive comments explaining the effects of adding parameters that affect either all windows type DLEs, all non-Windows type DLEs, all application DLEs, all DB DLEs, all filesystem DLEs, or specific backup types (e.g. CIFS, or PostgreSQL).