How to Add Multiple Users at Once

You can add multiple users at once on Zmanda Sentinel using a CSV file. This feature can save you time and labor as you don’t have to add each user manually. You can add 100 users at once by filling in details on the CSV template.

Follow the steps below to add multiple users at once to the Zmanda Sentinel of Zmanda Endpoint Backup.

Step 1. Sign in to the Zmanda Sentinel using your credentials.

Note: Only IT admins and owners can add users to the organization.

Step 2. Navigate to Users under Organization Management from the left side panel, and click Add multiple users.

Step 3. You can click the .csv template to download it. 

Check out our guide on How to Fill CSV Template to get detailed instructions on filling the downloaded CSV template.

Step 4. Once the CSV file is ready, you can either drag-drop the file in the box or click on browse to select it from the File Explorer window.

Make sure you only upload the user details in CSV file format. If any other file type is uploaded, there will be an error message mentioning, “Unsupported file format”.

Also, the CSV file should be less than 1MB; otherwise, the upload will not be successful. In such a scenario, you will also see an error message mentioning, “File size too large. Must be less than 1MB”.

Step 5. Once the file is successfully uploaded, click Save changes to proceed.

The CSV file will be processed in the background. Meanwhile, you can click Close to close the frame.

Step 6. Reload the Users page to see the updated list of users.

The Zmanda Sentinel allows you to add, delete, or block a user as needed.