How do I recover from Amazon S3 Storage without using Amanda?

This article is for Amanda Enterprise Edition (AE)

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  1. Download the desired backup objects from Amazon S3 buckets by using the Jets3T tool. You can identify from which buckets to download because bucket names include the backup set name. Download all the objects in a single directory.
  2. Use the filestart file to determine the level of backup, and how to restore it. For example:# dd if=f00000001-filestart AMANDA: FILE 20071214102105 localhost /root/s3test lev 0 comp N program /bin/tar To restore, position tape at start of file and run: dd if= bs=32k skip=1 | /bin/tar -xpGf - ... 2+0 records in 2+0 records out 1024 bytes (1.0 kB) copied, 6.7467e-05 seconds, 15.2 MB/s
  3. Use dd to extract the backup from data files. If the files exceed 10MB, you must concatenate the data files before extracting them with gnutar. For example:# dd | /bin/tar -xpGf -