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Error restoring the selected files

This article only applies to Amanda Enterprise (AE) v. 3.1.5

Issue Symptoms

Following error appears in the ZMC Restore|Restore page:

ERROR: Command failed (#52): ssh amandabackup@backupclient.com 'echo CONNECTED' 
(exit Status = 65280)
Error restoring the selected files

Issue Description

When the restore network service is not running on the backup client ('backupclient.com' in this example), Amanda Enterprise automatically switches to using SSH as the restore method.

If the backup server cannot connect to the client via SSH as is common for Windows clients, the error message is displayed.


On the Zmanda Windows client, restart both ZWC services--"ZWC Service" and "ZWC-MySQL"--from the Windows Services menu.

Also check to see if port 10081 is blocked by a firewall between the Amanda server and the Windows client being restored to.