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ERROR: Can not open license file /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license

This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM) and Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Issue Type: General

Error Message

ERROR: Can not open license file /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license

Error Description

This error occurs when the Zmanda license file is missing or does not have the correct permissions.


To fix the permissions:

Change the permissions of /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license so that its group and owner match either the MySQL user for ZRM or the amandabackup user for Amanda Enterprise. Please also make sure that the file is readable by that user.

For ZRM:

[root@localhost]# chown mysql:mysql /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license [root@localhost]# chmod 644 /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license

For AE:

[root@localhost]# chown amandabackup:disk /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license
[root@localhost]# chmod 644 /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license

To download a missing license file please login to the Zmanda Network and go to the Download section to acquire the license.