Creating SSL Certificate for Apache in ZMC

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

When updating the SSL certificate for the apache webserver built into ZMC, you will need to generate a certificate using an online entity such as DigiCert (, or self-signed certificates.

Once you have the above mentioned certificates you will need to generate the .crt (certificate) and .key (certificate key) files.They should be placed in the folder below:


Find two files:


Rename them:

# mv ZMC-server.crt ZMC-server.crt.bak
# mv ZMC-server.key ZMC-server.key.bak

With the new .crt and .key files, rename to:

# mv <NewCertificate.crt> ZMC-server.crt
# mv <NewCertKey.key> ZMC-server.key

Then change permission to read/write (root only) for each with:

# chmod 600 ZMC-server.crt
# chmod 600 ZMC-server.key

After this we need to restart the apache webserver:

# /etc/init.d/zmc_aee restart

If you would like to use different names for your new certificate and key names, the certificate file names are referenced in the file:


You can update this file with the new names as needed.