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Could Not Copy Bin Log File

This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM)

Error Message

Following message appears in the ZMC:

Could not copy bin log file

Error Description

ZRM failed to copy binary logs from the MySQL server. During full backup and incremental backup binary logs are copied from the MySQL server. The copy operation failed.


  • Check to see if binary log location for the MySQL server being backed up has been specified correctly for the backup set on the Backup How page.
  • Check that the correct copy plugin--socket, SSH, windows--is selected on the Backup How page.  ZRM client must be installed on the MySQL server if socket or windows copy plugins are selected.  Passwordless authentication for ZRM must be set up for the mysql user if SSH copy plugin is selected.
  • The MySQL binary logs on the MySQL server should be readable by the mysql system user.