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Compressed Folder Limitation in Windows Client

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Info Description:We support zip64 format for large files (> 4GB), large total data (> 4GB) and large number of files (> 65000) yet compressed folder won't be able to open such zip file as it's not zip64 compatible.

  1. If the zip file size is > 4GB, compressed folder won't be able to open that file
  2. If the zip file contains a single file which is uncompressed, size is > 4GB, and total size of zip file is < 4GB, compressed folder would be able to open the zip file but won't be able to extract or copy the large file.
  3. If the number of files inside zip file is > 65000, compressed folder might not be able to open all files.
  4. If the file is encrypted, compressed folder will not be able to restore/open that file.

These are limitations of those zip applications.  Please see http://www.info-zip.org/FAQ.html#limits for additional information.  Also, it will not be able to restore ACLs, Alternate Data Streams, Extended Attributes, or Object Identifiers.