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How to Collect Zmanda Server Logs (4.x Versions)

The ZMC package comes with a built-in log collection utility called "zm-support".

This article is applicable only for 4.x versions. For 3.x versions, please see this KB.

If the Zmanda Support team requests the log files to investigate an issue, you can run the zm-support utility to collect the necessary logs.

The utility will create a tar.gz bundle of all Zmanda logs in the same directory where you execute the command from. Please ensure that the directory where you are running the command has enough free space to store the output file. 

To start collecting the logs, run the following command:

sudo /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/zm-support

This will run for a few seconds depending on the size of your installation. To make identifying logs simple, the output file name will be "zm-logs-" followed by the time stamp. 

eg.  zm-logs-230327035617.tar.gz

Once the file has been created, you can share it with the support team using the upload link that will be provided by the support team member.