Client Triggered Oracle Backups

Client Triggered Oracle Backups allows Zmanda Oracle agents to trigger the backups from client using RMAN libraries while updating details on ZMC

1. What setup changes are required to use Client triggered Oracle backups feature?
You need to make the below changes to use the Client triggered Oracle backups feature.
Firstly, the following lines need to be added to the amanda-client.conf file located at /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf.
property "SERVER_URL" "<backup server IP address>"
property "BACKUP_REQ" "/zmc_service/api/v0/backupsets/rman/backup/"
property "TOKEN_REQ" "/zmc_service/api/v0/users/zmc/login/"
property "STATUS_REQ" "/zmc_service/api/v0/backupsets/task/"
property "USER" "<user name>"
property "PASS" "<encrypted password>"

Secondly, the PASS parameter cannot hold the actual password in plain text. It needs to be encrypted.
For encrypting the password, you can use the encrypt property available at
/usr/bin/.  Run the amrman_encrypt encrypt property and provide the same password used for the user authentication on ZMC. The encrypted password will be automatically stored in the amanda-client.conf file under the PASS property. 

Next, the configuration files on the server side need to be created. To accomplish this, navigate to the Backup Where page for the corresponding backup set and specify the settings as needed. Once you are done specifying, click on ADD CONFIGURATION button. Lastly, the database configuration must be set before entering the RMAN utility.

2. How to connect to the target database?
You can use the following commands to connect to the database to trigger the backup:
CONNECT TARGET username/password@database

You will be prompted for the target database password, and post its authentication; you will be successfully connected to the target database. The following line will appear indicating the same:

Connected to target database: <applicable value>

3. How to resolve an error message saying check if the backup configuration is added?
This error can be easily resolved by adding the Backup Where configuration for the corresponding backup set. The users must add the configuration before running the RMAN backup from ZMC or automated scripts.

4. Are the errors related to the Client triggered Oracle backups logged anywhere?
Yes, errors related to Client triggered Oracle backups are logged in sbtio.log file. You can find the path for it using the following command (Make sure you substitute appropriate sidname value in the comment).