Can't switch to incremental dump

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Error MessageCan't switch to incremental dump

Error Description

This failure message can be caused by any of the following conditions:

  • Amanda can not perform a full backup to a holding disk in "degraded" mode if the holding disk reserve has been set to 100% (which is the default). A scheduled backup will fail on a new disk (i.e. a disk that has not had a full backup) if all the holding disk space is reserved for incremental backups.
  • Amanda's estimate of the incremental failed or timed out after a full estimate succeeded.
  • Amanda cannot fall back to incremental backups if you have set the backup strategy as 'strategy noinc'
  • An 'amadmin force' was executed on the disk list entry.


Fix the problem with the device that is causing Amanda to revert to "degraded" mode. You can also set the reserve for incrementals to something less than %100 if you wish to have Amanda attempt a full backup to holding disk in case of device failure. If the message is being generated because an incremental backup can't be performed because of No Incremental set on the Backup| What Advanced setting or Full set in the Backup| When page, consider changing those options to allow an incremental to run.