Can not use more space (xxxx MiB) than free (xxxx MiB)

This article is for Amanda Enterprise 3.3.9 (AE)

Issue Symptoms

Warnings zmc_default_holding Backup set: backupset1. Can not use more space (38053 MiB) than free (32055 MiB). Please reduce the maximum staging size limit, or free up more space before the next backup.

Issue Description

Staging Size limit on Backup | Staging is currently greater than the available free space on the Partition Staging is setup on.


Clear up space on the partition or reduce staging area size.

You can also check for data still in staging using the following commands as an example:

Login as root
# su - amandabackup
$ amadmin backupset1 holding list ; will list hostname, disk and backup timestamp
$ amadmin backupset1 holding delete localhost ; will delete contents on staging for hostname 'localhost'