How to fix "No acceptable volumes found" error when backups to Cloud Targets fail

The "No acceptable volumes found" error normally indicates that the storage has run out of space and Zmanda is unable to generate additional tapes. However, when it comes to cloud backups, this error arises due to inconsistencies in the state file.

This article is applicable for 3.6 and all 4.x versions. 

The state file is a reference file where Zmanda keeps track of each media and the corresponding slots. This file will be present under the backupset directory '/etc/amadna4/<backupset>'

In some cases, the state file will not be updated with the correct information after a backup. This causes the 'taper' component in Amanda to believe that it has run out of space.

How to analyze the issue:

The first indication is that your backups will start failing. At the end of the backup report, you will find the "No acceptable volumes found" error.

You can also verify this by running the below command:

amtape <backupset> taper

How to fix this issue:

To fix this issue, we need to update the state file with the current configuration. When you execute the command to update the amtape inventory, it will record all the slot labels and update them in the state file.

amtape <backupset> update

After the completion of the update, if you run the taper command, it will display the next available tape to be used for the backup.