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Where are the Backup Server Files Located?

A list of file locations on the Linux-Based Backup Server

Zmanda files are installed in the following directories:
Amanda Server File(s)
CLI Executables
Man pages
GUI/Web Components (including GUI log files)
/opt/zmanda/amanda, /opt/zmanda/common
License key file
Backup Set and other configuration files
/etc/amanda, /etc/cron.d, /etc/logrotate.d
Amanda-controlled executables
Amanda Perl Libraries
Amanda Debug log files
Backup images (vtapes) and staging area (holding disk)
/var/lib/amanda (default location for backup to disks)
On Solaris servers, the Amanda Enterprise files are located at /opt/zmanda/amanda directory. For example: The configuration files under /etc/amanda in a Linux server will be found under /opt/zmanda/amanda/etc/amanda on a Solaris server.
Do not directly delete or change any of these files or directories unless told by the Zmanda Support Team. Changing any of these files can result in failed backups and other problems.
Zmanda provides Amanda server disaster recovery solutions to protect the Zmanda server. Please contact Zmanda Sales or Zmanda Support Team for more details.
You should monitor free space availability in the /tmp, /etc/amanda, and /opt/zmanda/amanda directories. At least 10 percent of free space must be available in these file systems. Amanda stores the backup index, Zmanda Management Console database, and temporary files in these locations, and thus these directories can fill up over time. The /tmp directory is also used to store backup images temporarily during the restore process, which can fail if it runs out of space.